10 Easy Tips for Designing and Ordering Custom Packaging Boxes!


Just having a good product is never enough to push sales. In fact, if that was the case, companies wouldn’t have spent millions on marketing and promotions.  Packaging remains an equally important aspect for selling, and it is necessary to ensure that product boxes are designed accurately and aesthetically to induce interest. If you are looking for cheap custom box packaging for your products, we have a few tips that will help with ordering and designing.

  • Always consider your product first. Your product is the first consideration for designing a box. For example, if you are selling a delicate artefact, you don’t want a cheap box that will fall apart during shipping.

  • Take help for box design. If you don’t have an in-house team for designing a custom box, think of getting assistance from box manufacturers. Many of them have an extended department that also deals with design and graphics.
  • Understand the meaning of customization. Custom packaging doesn’t mean you buy generic boxes and add your stickers and tapes on it. It basically means that you are actually designing a box that fits the product. Think of everything before finalizing a design.
  • Consider your branding elements. Eventually, custom boxes should represent your brand in the right way, and make sure that all the basic aspects, like the logo and color scheme are selected in context.
  • Think of ecofriendly boxes. If you want to increase brand value through custom packaging, it is a wise idea to think of ecofriendly boxes. Keep in mind that customers want to associate with companies that care for the planet.
  • Corrugated boxes might work. As long as your product is protected, think of going for a corrugated box, because this is the most recycled material in the world. You don’t have to bother much about compliance either.

  • Rethink customer expectations. Brands often fail to understand what a customer expects and needs when it comes to product packaging. For instance, if you are selling subscription boxes, you might well offer a reusable box to store everything.
  • Order in bulk. To save more money on custom boxes, always order in bulk. Many companies that deal in packaging even have storage options, and you can get a discount for a big order. This is a wise idea when you expect the demand to be consistent.

Check online now to find more details on custom box packaging and select the right vendor.