Color Diamonds in Engagement Rings: Are they Worth It?


Color diamonds have their own significance. Some people think that red diamonds indicate strength and true love while yellow diamonds signify calmness, care, and selflessness. Diamonds exist in various natural colors and some of the world’s most valuable stones are white diamonds. However, more and more consumers are getting interested in color diamonds. In fact, they have become famous options for engagement rings. Continue reading to know the reasons to consider color diamonds for your woman’s engagement rings and how to find prices that will set records.

What you Should Know about Color Diamonds

Diamonds are available in a range of beautiful and bright colors, from blue to red, yellow, and pink. Fancy colors like green, blue, and red are quite rare in nature and will come with a staggering price tag. Colors of this type have different saturation levels with the deepest having the most value and highest price. Most wholesale diamond merchants offer a wide range of diamond colors.

Diamonds such as yellow, black, and brown are more complicated. Over the years, Hollywood legends and royalty sported beautiful yellow diamonds. The majority of yellow and brown diamonds had been considered commoner cousins t to almost colorless and colorless diamonds. But, recently, these diamonds have been rebranded. As a result, these colors have become hot items in the precious stone market.

Should you Choose Color Diamonds for Her Engagement Ring?

Color diamonds can be a great option for your beloved’s engagement ring if:

  • She likes to be unique. Rose gold and cognac color combinations are elegant and fashion-forward. They are unique sets that suit your woman who love to be different from the rest. Take the time to know her preference. Does she love colors and artful accessories in general? If so, she may adore color diamonds.
  • She loves romance and glamour. Color diamonds are perfect for her if she tends to be fascinated by watching royal people. Also, these fit her if is attracted to the glam and sophistication of old Hollywood.
  • She has a favorite color. If your woman has a signature color, there is no reason not to give her an engagement ring with a diamond in this color.
  • You want to give her something with a meaning:
  • Color diamonds have associations attached to them. If you are like other people who believe red diamonds signify true love, then think about giving her a ring with a red diamond. If you two are looking for something that symbolizes your relationship, a color diamond will help you with this.