Four Important Things to Know when GT Fishing


Saltwater anglers dream of catching a Giant Trevally (GT). Catching one can test the strength of the strongest anglers. GTs are prized game fishes that draw lots of anglers across the world to sail for up to three weeks to get the catch of their dream. Catching a GT is not easy even for the savviest of anglers. There are things that anglers need to keep in mind including the following:

Catching a GT is Not Simple

When it comes to GT fishing, you don’t just set up the bait and hope that a GT would come for it. Preparing for the activity is like going to war. You need to buy gt fishing equipments such as fishing rods and some spares in case they break, high-end lure such as stick baits, poppers and jigs as well as heavy-duty reels.

Associated Cost

Once you have these pieces of equipment, you have to deal with the cost of traveling to one of the best places to fish GT such as Australia, Hawaii, Oman and others. Also, there is the cost of your 1-2 weeks stay and the cost of hiring a charter boat with a captain and crew to bring you closer to your desired catch. While you may find the smaller ones on the estuaries and shores, you need to explore the sea with professional guidance to find the big ones.

Expect a Battle

 After all the planning and preparation, you will be taking part in the battle with GTs that could give you sore shoulders. You will be casting 150 grams to 200 grams of stick baits and poppers continuously for many hours. Plus you’ll be trying to stop a 100 pound GT from cutting off the line. However, once you can get your dream catch, a photo with it on your lap will make up for all the efforts and pains you have endured.

You Need the Passion to Catch

To catch a GT, you need the passion since it will have you spending lots of money and requiring you to be in great shape. As you prepare, it is important to learn the features, characteristics and the perfect approach to deploy. Doing your homework online would help you a lot to understand how to catch these giants. Also, ensure you purchase your fishing equipment from a reputable source since you need high-quality equipment for your fishing battle.