Get Enchanted With A Forever Rose From Notta & Belle!


Finding a special and unique gift for someone you love is always confusing. After all, most of us have tried the cliché gift ideas. Notta & Belle, a company from Europe, brings the concept of forever rose to charm your special occasions and surprise your loved ones. No matter whether you want a gift for your mother or wife, or need to find something that will entice your little 10-year old, this product, which Notta & Belle has named ‘Rose in Glass Dome’, is just right. We purchased a red rose, and here’s our review.

A unique concept

Kudos to Notta & Belle for considering the unique idea, and it goes without saying that it’s a thoughtful gift for anyone. What makes the forever rose special is the unique method of preservation. Yes, this is a real rose, and you can open the glass dome and touch the rose! They have used special processing technology and each of the products are handmade in Europe. As Notta & Belle claims, the rose will remain as it is for the next five years! We also liked the idea of having so many colors, right from the classic red that stands for love, to something as unique as turquoise and black.

Customize your gift and place an order

The product can be purchased from the website of the brand, and they offer the choice of engraving a personal message on the case of the rose for a small price. You can also check for selected gift boxes, some of which are really pretty. Notta & Belle offers international shipping, which is probably one of the best things about their website. If you are anywhere in the UK, expect your shipping with your four days. We liked the extra effort behind the packaging, because the rose came in completely perfect condition. The company also offers the choice of a mini rose, which is equally pretty.

Caring for the forever rose

This is a real rose, but you don’t need to bother about maintenance at all. Just make sure that the forever rose is not exposed to direct sunlight, and do NOT water the rose. It will stay as it is for the next five years.

With the festive season around, this can be something that people would admire, and we agree that Notta & Belle has managed to create a perfectly different gifting idea.