How Is Your Ornament Made?


Every time you visit the jeweler to place an order for your ornament, do you think how that beautiful piece of jeweler is made? We are sure most of you do and those who haven’t are right now wondering the same thing! The beautiful and elegant gold bangles your mom wears or the stylish and chic accessories you have in your collection have undergone a series of steps in order to get their final look!

Just like it takes hours for a woman to dress up, the ornaments too take days to get ready and add an edge and oomph factor to your everyday or festive look. When you talk about accessories, it doesn’t limit itself to the female gender but the male gender is also always very keen towards wearing some accessories to give them their stylish looks. It is always good to have some extra knowledge about some things that are usually a part of our everyday life. So in this article, we are going to walk you through the steps and procedures about how your ornaments are made. Don’t worry; we won’t be getting into the technical and the complicated parts of it.

  • Prepping the metal: Ornaments are made from a variety of materials and metals. The pure form of the molten metal is mixed with other elements and sometimes with other metals which gives the jewelry a different look.
  • Molding: The final molten substance is then transferred to the molds which will give the jewelry the design and shape. It is as simple as freezing ice.

  • Re-Shaping: This step includes adding minute details and personal touches to the product. This is done by slightly heating the ornament so that it can be re-shaped. Your jeweler will either use a machine that will help him obtain a clearer and finer shape or they use some basic tools to do the job.
  • Polishing: Your jewelry has a blinding shine to it when you bring it home from the jeweler. This is because the jeweler has polished your ornament in order to make it look attractive and catchy. You might have noticed your mother, sister or wife giving the ornaments to the jeweler before an occasion. The jeweler then again polishes the ornament to make it look as good as new. There are also several DIY methods used by many people in order to bring the shine back to the ornaments.